Magic Reversi 4.50
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Magic Reversi 4.50

Free Gain leadership over the opponent by transforming his figures into yours
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Logic games... This games first appeared many centuries ago. This type of programs stays popular nowadays because such games do not require much computer resources, simple in use and as a matter of fact - the rules of such games are well known to everybody from the childhood.

Main Features :
- Simple and intuitive user interface
- Exciting 32-bit animation graphics
- The possibility to choose the most convenient condition of the game
- The possibility to play with remote player using local network or Internet
- The possibility to save game, get advise during the game and so on

Rules of the game :

The rules of the game are so simple that won't require any extra strength when memorizing them. But this doesn't make the game boring; on the contrary, Reversi is one of the most captivating and at the same time, simplest game.
The goal of the game - to gain leadership over the opponent by transforming his figures into yours. Below are described the terms and concepts relating to the game.
Move - placement of your figure on the empty space on the desk that way so you would transform one or more figures of your opponent into yours.
Pass - the condition of the game when one of the players cannot make a move because of lack of available spaces on the game field. At the occurrence of Pass the turn goes to the opponent.
Transformation - capture of opponent's figures and transforming them into your figures. This happens when as a result of the move, one or more opponent's figures are placed between two figures of the player whose move it was. Without transformation the move is impossible to make.
Mutual Pass - inability to make move for both players.
End of the game - the condition of the game when the move is impossible for both sides. This happens either at lack of empty spaces or at mutual pass.
At the beginning of the game on the game field are placed 4 figures, two for each player. The figures are places crisscross. Then the players move one after another until the end of the game. The winner is the player that has more figures on the game field.


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